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Heritage Park Skate Plaza

St. Cloud, MN

Date: July 2019-August 2020

Location: St. Cloud, MN

Owner: City of St. Cloud 

Engineer: Stantec/New Line Skate Parks

During the initial stages of the project it was discovered that topsoil depths on the site of the new skate park exceeded expectations.  Craig Bardson Excavating removed the topsoil and replaced it with clean sand that was mined from adjacent city property.  After rough grading was completed the site features were graded and class 5 granite was installed as a base for the concrete pavement.  Bardson the assisted the General Contractor, W. Gohman Construction with fine grading.  Cold weather halted the project in the fall of 2019 but work resumed the next spring and the park was opened to skaters later that summer.

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