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We've been working in the public sector for a long time. Our portfolio of completed projects ranges from street reconstructions in Cities across Minnesota to culvert installations in Western North Dakota.  As a prime or subcontractor we have the experience and resources to complete all types of projects in the civil market.


We offer a variety of services to commercial construction projects. Foundation excavation and backfilling, parking lot grading, utility installation, pond excavation, building demolition and clearing and grubbing are just a short list of the things we can do on your project.  Call us today to see how we can meet your needs.


As licensed septic system installers, we've helped homeowners with their system needs since our start. We also dig and backfill basements, build driveways, grade shed pads, deliver sand and gravel and restore shorelines.  Whatever the need you may have on your property, we can help.

Asphalt Reclamation

Asphalt reclamation is an efficient process to remove old asphalt pavement.  The process creates a product which could be left in place; re-graded, compacted and paved over, or easily loaded and hauled off site. Parking lots, township roads, and driveways all are excellent candidates for reclamation. Contact us today to see if your project would benefit from this service.  

Material Sales & Delivery

We currently have crushed concrete and asphalt for sale.  We also deliver gravel, pit run, crushed granite, washed sand, black dirt and many other materials.  Our trucks deliver across Central Minnesota.  Please contact us for pricing and availability. 


In 1986 Craig Bardson set out with a tractor backhoe and a dump truck to dig basements and install septic systems in Central Minnesota.  Now over 30 years later the part time job has evolved into a diversified excavating and grading contractor.  Today, you can find us working on a highway project in North Dakota, a commercial project in the Twin Cities or just as Craig did in 1986, a septic system in Central Minnesota.   Whether you are looking for a estimate for a new septic system or grading a new commercial site, please give us a call.  We'd be more than happy to provide a free quote.



Quotes and Pricing

For a quote on your project please fill out the from below with a brief description of your project, or call (320) 845-4952.


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